Youth Ministry Research Project

A Real-time Study of the Leaders and Ministries they Lead

This research project will give leaders in the Church a real-time picture of ministry to youth and those who have been given responsibility of equipping the next generation of leaders. But it is much more than just a survey; it is a way to start a conversation and take a real-time look at topics that impact leaders and their ministry.

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Focused Topics that Matter

We provide a confidential way to talk about ministry, professional development, youth program development and relationships with staff, spouse and God.

Benchmark Topics

What are my TruPeer Colleagues Doing?

Social comparison is a very human trait. We want to understand what others in our situation are doing. And, is it working for them?

How TruPeer Works

Meet, Share & Learn

Coming to a city near you. Combine fresh data from your true peers along with engaging face-to-face workshops sharing data, stories and lessons learned. Conversations grounded in topics that matter to you and your peers!

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Benchmark Topics

  1. Youth Worker: Resources, Compensation, Expectations and Respect

  2. Youth Worker: Professional Development

  3. Youth Worker: Interpersonal Relationships

  4. Youth Worker: Program Structure and Development

  5. Youth Worker: Spiritual Life

  6. Youth Worker: Campus Ministry

How TruPeer Works

  1. We collect demographic and ministry background data from all participants.

  2. You select from key traits to define your TruPeers.

  3. Create/join private TruPeer groups that mirror your off-line networking and accountability groups.

  4. We immediately personalize your report based on your TruPeer selections and groups.

  5. We retain your TruPeer selections and groups.

  6. Life changes? Update your demographics and TruPeer selections to match your new circumstances. Reports are recalculated to match.

Youth Worker Local Workshops

  1. We are looking for local partners/champions to bring youth workers and youth pastors together to share burdens and insights.

  2. Data is a great foundation but face-to-face sharing and teaching creates relational context for learning and growth

  3. Local networks enable accountable personal and professional growth

  4. Starting with data that is personalized while still letting you see the big picture provides a rich starting points for discussion that matter.

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