MinistryBenchmarks a joint venture of Allies Ministries and SimpleBenchmarks LLC

Allies Ministries has served the needs of youth workers in Minnesota and surrounding states for the past 20 years. We are excited to be leading the charge to collect and provide great data back to the community of Christian ministers, starting with youth workers.

Founded by Michael Swenson in late 2011, SimpleBenchmarks LLC aims to bring affordable personalized benchmark studies to a range of small businesses, professional associations, and intrest groups.

Michael has served as an industry analyst at IDC, Research Director for the CIO Executive Council and Research Director for xPeerient an award-winning, venture-funded start-up based out of Boston.

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MinistryBenchmarks provides assessments and benchmarks that are specific to each role within Christian ministry. We are starting with Youth Workers, both staff and volunteers to share experiences, practices, outcomes and viewpoints about challenges and opportunities in youth ministry. These assessments and the reports are for you! There is no big vendor as the client. Participants share their own viewpoints - MinistryBenchmarks aggregates the data (protecting your identity) and provides personalized reports back to each participant comparing your own practices and outcomes with those of your peers.

We have our sights set on provide complete sets of assessments and benchmarks tailored to each role within ministry:

  • Senior/Lead Pastor
  • Music Pastor and Worship Leaders
  • Children's Ministry Pastors and Workers
  • Church Administator
  • Deacons and Elders
Each topical benchmark study or assessment is tightly focused on a single cluster of related issues. Questions are straightforward and each survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. This tight focus and emphasis on simplicity carries over into analysis. We strive for clarity - you do not need a degree in statistics to understand the results.

You set the criteria for your own peer groups within the broader benchmark community and your reports break out the answers to the benchmark questions by those groups. You will see the distribution of answers for all participants plus your personal peer groups.

If you already have an accountablity group or other network. We can provide your group with their own breakout report that is only accessible to members of your group.

Each graph or chart in your personalized report has a simple click to export the image for inclusion in your own report or slide deck. Communicate better with colleagues or the boss.
Each assessment or benchmark study will have a research professional crafting the questionnaire as well as setting up the analysis for the personalized report. Occasionally we will conduct additional statistical analysis and publish more general reports.
MinistryBenchmarks uses technology provided by SimpleBenchmarks LLC. SimpleBenchmarks in cooperation with Allies Ministries is launching this service and providing it free to youth workers for all of 2014. Obviously we cannot run it for free indefinately. Toward the end of 2014 we will figure out how to support the service long-term. We are considering a modest annual subscription charged to youth workers who use the service, raising an operating budget from philinthropic sources or including targeted advertising on this site.
While we have set an agenda of several topical benchmark studies we welcome participation and suggestions from the ministry community. What would you most like to talk to your peers about? Suggest a new study. If we find sufficient interest from your ministry community we will create it.