Current Assessments and Benchmark Studies

Youth Worker: Background and Current Role

This study is a requirement for participation in this community. It is the place where we not only document your background but also where you pick the characteristics that define who you think of as your true peers. Click to startYouth Worker: Background and Current Role

Youth Worker: Resources, Compensation, Expectations and Respect

This study benchmarks budgets, facilities and transportation resources as well as exploring youth pastor/worker compensation and other factors like expectations and respect that have significant impact on the youth worker's life. Click to startYouth Worker: Resources, Compensation, Expectations and Respect

Youth Worker: Spiritual Life

This study explores self-assessments of spiritual health and devotional practices. Click to startYouth Worker: Spiritual Life

Youth Worker: Professional Development

This study explores professional development of the youth pastor/worker from formal education and its relevance to current role to ongoing education and mentoring. Click to startYouth Worker: Professional Development

Youth Worker: Interpersonal Relationships

This study explores the health of key interpersonal relationships in the life of a youth pastor/worker. Click to startYouth Worker: Interpersonal Relationships

Youth Worker: Program Structure and Development

This module documents elements of the structure of youth programs ranging from ages served, to inclusion of various program elements and methods for communication and promotion of program events to students. Share what is working!. Click to startYouth Worker: Program Structure and Development

Youth Worker: Mapping On-Campus Ministries

This module digs into the on-campus ministries that your church or organization sponsors. Documenting which campuses are being served by which organizations, the nature of the program more!. Click to startYouth Worker: Mapping On-Campus Ministries